IT Consulting

Bringing clarity into the complex world of IT

Implementing and adopting new technologies is critical if you want to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing business world. But doing so can be complex, especially given the amount of solutions available to organizations today. MJI IT Solutions can help when your company needs IT consulting services or project management to implement technology changes.

Experts in all major areas of technology

By outsourcing your company's IT services, you free up more of your staff to focus on revenue-generating opportunities and the business of the business. Not to mention, you'll be tapping into a wealth of on-demand talent, depth of experience and ample technical resources at a much lower cost than compared to doing it in-house.

MJI IT Solutions can guide your organization toward virtualization solutions. We can handle all your migration and hardware upgrade needs, such as implementing a new email server or upgrading all laptops to the most recent version of Mac and/or Windows operating systems.

  • Virtualization Design
  • Computer Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Data Migration and Relocation
  • Backup and Restore
  • Server Design
  • Phone System (PBX/Voip/Landline) Design and Configuration

MJI IT Solutions' team of Managed IT Services, Strategy, Project, and Cloud Professionals, deliver on how you need to do business from the desktop... through network technologies...and into the cloud.

Whether your business needs to move into a larger building to provide the physical storage space for servers and computers or move your offsite data from one datacenter to another, we can help your organization design its new building to accommodate information systems and meet any regulatory needs. We’ll then handle relocation to ensure that your organization has minimal systems downtime. When it comes to Network Design, it doesn't matter if your environment consists of dedicated hardware, resources in the cloud, or a combination of the two, we custom-design network configurations to meet your business needs, help maintain compliance, boost performance and protect your business-critical data